Movement Building Conversations

Upcoming Movement Building Conversations in Tennessee

We're very exited to be in dialogue with groups and individuals in Tennessee about opportunities to support democratic movement building with an emphasis on rural and small town inclusive organizing.

If you are interested in hosting or finding a conversation near you, click here to find out more.


Creating Democracy began working to identify barriers to mass democratic movement building and strategies to overcome those barriers in 2009. We began with a monthly movement building conversation series and monthly organizing meetings building towards the People's Movement Assembly in Portland, and nationally held in conjunction with the US Social Forum in Detroit in June, 2010.


In the Spring of 2015, we hosted another series of movement building conversations to build towards our organizing launch. These conversations informed and grounded our planning in the experience, wisdom, needs, and values of movement leaders and organizers in Portland, Oregon.

February 26th: Self Governance & Making Decisions as a Movement - How does our movement(s) share information and make decisions together today? What are strengths and limitations of this? What tools do organizers and groups need to make decisions together as a movement?

March 30th: Loving Movement Culture, Organizing Ourselves, & Scaling Up the Movement - What is loving movement culture and how can it inform our approach to participation, leadership, power, and accountability? What tools and practices could help our movement scale up, grow quickly, be accessible as well as accountable to our values of collective liberation? What are current limits that we should organize to overcome?

April 29th: Structure & Accountability to Support a Mass Movement for Collective Liberation - What is an accessible process for decision making that can scale up while fostering the trust, relationships, and cultural connections that we have identified as so key to our movement building work? How do we make democratic decisions that keep our values of collective liberation, anti-racism, anti-oppression, and equity firmly rooted in the center of our process? We don’t want democracy as a simple majority rules form of decision making, but democracy, and a movement, that advance justice for people of color and white people, along with the other identities and experiences of relative privilege/advantages and oppression/marginalization. What are the practices, tools, structures, education, and relationship models that can keep democracy accountable to racial justice and collective liberation?

If you have an interest in participating in the these conversations, hosting a conversation, participating in the organizing meetings, or if you want to be part of building new democratic social movement, click here to let us know.