Cluster Up!

Post date: Mar 30, 2014 11:00:51 PM

(Archived announcement from April 2010 - for more information click here)

Form a group for the People's Movement Assembly in Portland

Saturday, April 3, 2010

From 1-5:30pm

at PSU Smith Student Union

Room 294

If you're an individual who wants to participate in the PMA in Portland and don't have a group yet, come to this event.

Or If you're a member of a group that wants to start forming a resolution for the PMA in Portland, come to this event.

What's the People's Movement Assembly in Portland?

Are you planning on attending the US Social Forum in Detroit this June? The People's Movement Assembly is a new formation of the US Social Forum Process that encourages movements to come together to agree on resolutions for action. Only registered groups can participate in the PMA in Portland.

But I don't have a group!

This event on April 3rd will facilitate the process of group formation and resolution-drafting towards the PMA in Portland on May 8th. Don't have a group? Don't know how to write a resolution? Interested in using theater for social justice work? This event may be just what you need to participate in the PMA in Portland and go on to Detroit not as an isolated individual but as a participant in a democratic, movement-building process.

Join us for a creative, reflective, movement-building event. Learn about the People’s Movement Assembly and US Social Forum, and how you can be involved!

  • Come with enthusiasm and leave with a group!
  • Meet others committed to social justice
  • Build community and discover allies
  • Explore social issues through interactive theatre and dialogue
  • Envision solutions that would enhance or transform our community
  • Create resolutions to be presented at the People’s Movement Assembly May 8th
  • Be part of a movement for social justice!

What do you think Portlanders should contribute to the US Social Forum?

If you can't make it but already have a group that wants to register for the PMA, you can still register for the May 8th PMA at

Sponsored by PASO(Pan-American Solidarity Organization), TheaterChange, and creating democracy.