Movement Building Conversation Series

Spring 2020 in Tennessee

Athens TN

February 22, 2020

Jackson TN

March 28, 2020

Middle TN

April 25, 2020

Movement Building Conversations are currently scheduled for the following dates and locations:

  • Saturday, February 22nd, Athens, TN, 12:30pm - 4pm
  • Saturday, March 28th, Jackson, TN, 1:45pm-4pm
  • Saturday, April 25th, Middle TN TBA
  • Want to host or help plan these gatherings? Please let us know!

Tennessee has a long social justice legacy - overcoming entrenched opposition, facing violence and repression, and carving out victories through deep relationships and strategic alliances that shift the culture of the state and region. From labor to civil rights to immigrant rights and beyond, Tennessee can teach the country a lot about what is possible. But we know we have a long way before every person in our state, from rural communities and small towns to every zip code and neighborhood in our cities, has access to the opportunities, health, education, safety, respect and dignity they deserve. And so we organize!

What? Movement Building Conversations provide organizers a place gather to know each other and support one another - to share stories, successes, challenges, strategies, skills and resources. We believe that these relationships will strengthen our movement, including our ability to make collective decisions and work together in ongoing ways that expand and leverage the power of our movement.

Why? All organizing is local, but we can’t change the world in a vacuum. We need each other - to sharpen our skills, to evolve our strategies, to act collectively with shared vision and the power to be reckoned with. In TN, there is powerful organizing by different communities who share many of the same challenges and opposition, but we don’t always get the chance to connect directly

Who? Organizers committed to their communities and those most impacted by systems of oppression, to advancing justice, democracy, and collective liberation, who are willing to listen, learn, and connect across and beyond strategies, tactics, identities, organizations, issues, and geography.

How? RSVP for your group now and select 2-3 people who will attend the gathering on behalf of your group. These folks will share your local group’s priorities and serve as an ongoing link to these conversations.