Scaling Up Our Movements

Scaling Up Our Movements for Justice: Vision for a Self-Governing Mass Movement

There’s no better way to advance our organizing for justice than growing mass movements to carry that work beyond what we’re capable of individually. But it’s difficult for most of us to envision how to get from our small group to a democratically run mass movement.

In this session we’ll look at lessons from movements that have scaled quickly as well as first hand reflections on the anti-globalization movement that successfully shut down the WTO 20 years ago on the streets of Seattle. Beyond vision and history we’ll talk about structures and skills that are critical to democratic movement decision making with a particular focus on representation/delegation and accountability. When we learn to think at scale we can begin to bridge the gap between our local work and the mass movements we so desperately need.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more and we can share options based on your location and needs and make a plan that works for you! Most sessions are possible as a stand alone gathering of 1-2 hours, a shorter section on a larger meeting agenda, as a longer workshop or training, or as a web based video conference.