Community Power Mapping

Community Power Mapping to Deepen Relationships & Expand Your Base

Power is sometimes seen as a dirty word, signifying power over and harm caused by inequities. It can also feel scary or just plain wrong to imagine yourself as powerful. Power mapping in this context is about the power we generate when we are connected to one another in common cause to make our world better for all of us. It is about sharing power and challenging power hoarding, oppression, and inequities.

Share your understanding of how the communities and people you care most about are impacted by the organizing you do and the vision for justice you have, consider how your organizing network reaches those most impacted, as well as those with the positions to impact change from more formal seats of power, and strategize ways to connect more deeply across differences and divisions.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more and we can share options based on your location and needs and make a plan that works for you! Most sessions are possible as a stand alone gathering of 1-2 hours, a shorter section on a larger meeting agenda, as a longer workshop or training, or as a web based video conference.