Work with CD

We invite your group or community to contact us.

Here are some ways we are working today to build decentralized, democratic movement for collective liberation. Let us know how we can work with you!

  • Training - New workshops are available here! If everyone is an organizer, we need to make an organizer’s skill set available to everyone. Making decisions together, running our own groups, building accountable relationships across race, class, and gender that promote learning over shaming, and advancing our ability to self-govern all require ongoing learning, practice, and support. CD is available for one time training and can tailor an agenda to fit the needs of your group from a few hours to a few days.
  • Partnering - Making change takes time and shifts in culture, process, and norms requires sustained commitment. If your group or community is looking for support to develop capacity for movement building through a longer term relationship to address needs and goals, CD would love to talk more with you about how we can support you.
  • Collaborations - CD initiates and supports movement building projects to meet needs and opportunities that arise in our communities and world. These change over time but we are always seeking to connect with organizations interested in building a democratic movement. Movement building is not the work of one organization!
  • Membership - (Coming 2020) Join CD as a member group and intentionally link your organizing with other groups and communities, gather to share resources, skills, and practice collective decision making to advance our movement for democracy.

Our work to strengthen skills, consciousness, and loving movement culture all come together through a structure that ties many small groups into a movement whole that can make democratic decisions and take collective, strategic action. The power that we build through our numbers, our shared values and desire for change is only as strong as our ability to make good decisions together. In order to advance our own means of self-governance, or even effectively participate in civic life such as it is today, we first have to learn to share power and exercise real democratic decision making together.