Lessons From The WTO: 10 Years of Struggle

Didn't We...

This panel will feature 4 students, organizers, and leaders of the successful direct action to shut down the WTO talks in Seattle 10 years ago. The panel will reflect on the organizing and historic alliance building 10 years ago as well as share some of what they've learned through 10 years of organizing since. We will continue the conversation with questions from the audience and identifying challenges we still struggle with today. Come with your movement building questions and curiosity.

This panel is just a small part of a series of events leading up to the 10 year celebration of Seattle '99 as well as Mobilization Against the WTO this December 5th - for more info check out www.december5.org

The Panelists

  • Nancy Haque 1999: Former staff with Portland Jobs with Justice and Jane WTO #520, Nancy organized for both the Direct Action and the Labor March while also being a member of the Superstars affinity group. 2009: She is currently the Building Political Power Director at Western States Center.
  • Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons 1999: Co-founder of Portlanders Against the WTO and member of an Asian American Affinity Group. 2009: Now the Community Development Coordinator at Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization and board member of Coalition for a Livable Future.
  • Cara Shufelt 1999: Former Student organizer of the Radical Action Group at Lewis and Clark who helped mobilize over 100 LC students to join the direct action. 2009: Now Co-Director of the Rural Organizing Project.
  • Andrea Townsend 1999: Participated in the Direct Action in Seattle as a student at Franklin High School, 2009: Andrea is now an organizer with the Oregon Fair Trade Coalition mobilizing people to anniversary events on December 5th.

For a copy of the flyer, see PDF below:

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