Capitalism - Why we hate it and what we're going to do about it.

Why do we hate it?

This is probably not the first time you've heard someone say that it's our economic system itself that's at the root of a lot of misery and destruction. But don't those conversations always seem to pull us farther away from actually doing something about it? We don't have all the answers but we know that we need to get started. That's were inviting you to think about capitalism with us.

Not like Economists, and not like Marxists, but like people who are real experts because you live it every day. Together we will begin to assemble a plain language explanation of why our economic system has to go. An explanation that will get through to the people you watch 'the game' with, or Glee with, or that person sitting next to you on the bus. If we're really good, even our Dads. If, on the other hand you've already got this figured out...what are you waiting for?

Thursday January 14th


St Francis Dining Hall

330 SE 11th Avenue (near Stark)

What are we going to do about it? Sorry, no spoilers here. You'll have to come participate in the conversation to find out.