Living Room Conversations

Living Room Conversation on Democracy in Rural Communities - Ties that Bind in Divisive Times

Why? Here in Tennessee many of us - rural women, people of color, immigrants, people who are LGBTQ+, and allies, are fighting for our communities and our voices and experiences to be heard, for our rights and dignity to be respected, in our families, schools, and policies and laws of our state. We are making gains, but we face an uphill road, including barriers in our own communities. We are not alone, but we’re not as connected as we could be.

How? Let’s talk about the past year, the 2018 election and legislative session and beyond, and most importantly, what this looks like in our community. Where are there cracks in the walls that supposedly divide us into “red” and “blue”? Whose voices and experiences are included and elevated and whose are shut out and silenced? What common ground can we build on? How can we connect to one another in small and large ways and keep showing up for this better world that we desperately want and need?

Who? Our goal is not a room where everyone agrees. No one has all the answers. We need to be talking to people with different perspectives and experiences right now. We need to expand our circles. We hope to gather parents, grandparents, and young people, teachers, social workers, civic leaders, people of faith, and of differing faiths. Our commitments are that we listen to one another, seek to understand, and engage respectfully.

We’ll bring perspectives into the room from near and far on a variety of issues, but the most important perspective is yours - rural and small town folks who care about liberty and justice that is truly for all.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more and we can share options based on your location and needs and make a plan that works for you! Most sessions are possible as a stand alone gathering of 1-2 hours, a shorter section on a larger meeting agenda, as a longer workshop or training, or as a web based video conference.