Street Theater Intensive

  • This outline was used on August 22nd 2009 in preparation for D5 events. Here are some photos.Goals Teach people how to build puppets
  • Introduce people to other forms if possible
  • Get folx involved and exited in D5 planning
  • Make pretty stuff for current justice work if possible
  • Have fun and get renewed by making art.

Materials Needed:

  • cordless drill
  • 2 creature staplers
  • handsaw
  • pliers
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • hammer
  • circular saw
  • 3 utility knives and blades
  • few paint brushes
  • build location (my house)
  • screws
  • Lots of Cardboard (bike shops are ideal)
  • Some 1X2's and/or 1X2's
  • Lots of paint
  • More paint brushes
  • Masking tape
  • Fabric
  • Storage space
  • Transportation (Andrea has a truck?)
  • lots more optional stuff (pg 41 in wise fool)

Roles to fill

  • Co-trainers (many small and large roles with and without previous experience)
  • people to welcome people when they show up and get them involved
  • Flyering and organizing

1st Day Agenda

1pm Introductions and overview with requisite theater games

Brief history of puppets and street theater incl WTO, A&R

1:30 Giant Puppets and Big Art

Introduction to tools of the trade

  • Cardboard, utility knives, and creature staplers
  • Paper mache, Tape and Portland weather
  • Paint, paintbrushes, and mixology
  • Wood, cordless drills, and plastic washers

2:00 Issue summary, message and image brainstorm

2:30 Theater training

3:30pm Projects tour, and lessons

  • Closing for those who have to go
  • 2 more hours of fun for those who don't

2nd Day Agenda

1pm Introductions and more theater games

1:15 It's not just about the puppets

  • Other forms of street theater – theater, drums, voice, circus, rock opera
  • Art is subversive, fun, liberating and revolutionary

1:45 Tool review and project review

2pm Build, paint, sew, practice!

3pm Wrap it up

  • tour of projects
  • D5
  • closing pitch