Structure Diagram

For this example the red circle represents the base small group of 8 people. It could be as few as 5 or as many as 15.

2nd level roles – just like there are roles such as facilitator, and note taker or chair and secretary at the base leve, we propose roles at the second and successive levels. We want a structure that is both flexible and able to grow quickly. These roles will help share power and leadership while facilitating collaboration, communication and accountability. Although this is an evolving structure that we hope to grow and learn from experience, these are the roles today are listed below.

Communications and Support (A) This role is responsible to facilitate communication between groups, what each other is up to, needs, questions, strategies, events. Facilitating helping each other out, supporting and learning about each others work, building relationships. This role is also responsible to try and keep it all together.

Ending Oppression (B) This group is an attempt to formalize accountability to ending oppression. While that work needs to be woven throughout all our work, this groups will hold us accountable, check our progress, suggest changes towards our collective goal of ending oppression in our groups and society at large. This group will need to pay attention to who is participating while simultaneously avoiding tokenizing “outreach”. Guiding principles including holding all our work accountable to oppressed communities.

Community Organizing (C) This group focuses on strategizing to bringing in new people through all methods including traditional community organizing methods(door knocking, etc). They also will work with communications and support to bring individuals in to existing groups, as well as create new groups, and if where appropriate propose splits.

Training (D) This group is focused on creating, improving, refining materials as well as organizing trainings and workshops to help us grow, understand our world better, think for ourselves, and make our shit tight.

The yellow circle below is a council with one delegate or “spoke” from each small group. A decision by this body represents 64 people. (cluster)

This pattern continues to increase exponentially at each level. Here it represents 512 people although if the average group size were 15 instead of 8 it could represent over 3,000 people. (kilo-cluster)