Creating Democracy

Creating Democracy is dedicated to building decentralized, democratic movement for collective liberation.

We believe the power to transform the world is rooted in the power of many, many individuals making decisions together, and that we need to practice this decision making in order to create and exercise that power.

We believe in building a movement the way we want the world to run, the world we want to live in.

We believe it takes all of us, for all of us, and that there are way more values and needs that we hold in common than divide us.

We believe that each of us possess the ability to organize, to bring people together to affect the change our world needs, and we are committed to sharing these skills and encouraging this leadership.

We believe that true democracy is fundamentally committed to the liberation of all people, and inherently opposed to all forms of oppression, including racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism.

We believe in loving and gentle accountability that builds understanding and solidarity among ourselves for the purpose of destroying these systems of oppression.

We believe in love, in creativity, in being bold and humble, in courage and trying new things, in learning as we go, in cherishing the relationships that bind and nurture individuals and communities.

"To speak today of the defense of democracy as if we were defending something which we knew and had possessed for many decades or many centuries is self-deception...

...we should be nearer the mark, and should have a far more convincing slogan, if we spoke of the need, not to defend democracy, but to create it."

-- E H Carr