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Our History

our history

creating democracy began sharing the fundamentals of our theory of change - interconnected small groups exercising democratic decision making as a key to building a movement that could manifest justice in our world - in many ways over the past decade.  

From small group conversations in living rooms, to one on one coffees with organizers and movement leaders, primarily in Portland, Oregon, we asked the question: “What are the most significant barriers to movement building?”  We continued with workshops in Portland and at the 2007 US Social Forum in Atlanta, and most recently through a series of Movement Building Conversations leading up to a Portland People’s Movement Assembly in conjunction with the 2010 US Social Forum and National People’s Movement Assembly in Detroit.

Our next work will be to identify and support organizers, through trainings and movement building conversations that both hone our analysis and sharpen our skills needed to build a broad, grassroots movement that can wield the power we hold when we decide to work together.